Weight Loss

“Thousands Now Lose Weight that Never Could Before!”

Most things in life are easy…when you know how to do them. Losing weight is too. One just needs to know what to do.

We’ve stumbled onto that secret, and we want to share it with you. To lose weight, simply, do what those people do, who know how to lose weight, and know how to keep it off. Their secret is very simple. They don’t eat more than they need to. So, you should stop eating so much. We eat entirely too much food in order to maintain ourselves, and often the wrong types of food. We don’t need all that food that we eat to be healthy and live an energetic and healthy life. This is the crux of the matter.

To help you get into the habit of not eating yourself to death, many people have discovered a little trick…they take the Original Food Tabs as a substitute for one or two meals. The FoodTabs are nutritious, delicious and have minimum calories. Plus, they satiate your appetite, as well as give you the energy and nutrition you would get from a big calorie-laden meal. Losing weight can be easy, convenient and fun with the Original Food Tabs. 

They are a proven product that just keeps on working…amazing and delighting all those who discover them and their benefits. 

The Original Food Tabs have a long and interesting history. Back in the 1960’s, the Federal Government was searching for a food source that could be used in specialty situations. The objective was to find a product that would provide…


The Best Possible Nutrition in the Smallest Possible Volume

The resulting research was extremely involved and intense, and the product that evolved was used in the Early Space Program. Eventually, a tablet form was perfected and used widely as an emergency food. 

Professional athletes began using the Original Food Tab to maintain their ideal weight, while developing maximum levels of activity and strength. A number of entertainers began using the Food Tabs for the same reason. 

Long-haul truck drivers used the tabs as a meal replacement. They found they could “keep on trucking’ after consuming the Original Food Tab. 

Office workers and busy executives, who would often miss lunch, ate the Food Tabs to maintain their energy and satisfy their appetite. 

And the Original Food Tab was born – committed to that quality and nutrition its public had come to expect. 

Go For It! We guarantee your Absolute Satisfaction. Anything less, and you get your money back. Period. How can we say this?? Easy. The Original Food Tabs work. We have never had anyone ask for a refund request. When we do, I’ll stop saying this. The Tabs are that good!
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