• It has been called the  "Miniaturized Food of the Century"
    • It has been called the  "Food of the Future"
    • It has even been called a  "Miracle"

    But only Good For You
    America can call it...
    The Original FOOD TABS

    Now you can get the 
    Original Food Tab from the original company, the company that made history in the food industry by developing this remarkable food.


    Food Tabs: Four Reasons for Success

    Food Tabs: Four Reasons for Value

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    Make Money

    Many of you are familiar with the Ideal Snacks Company of years past. They distributed our FoodTabs under the name, “AllFoodTabs.” I’m sure you remember they had a very successful Compensation Plan. Everyone made money. We, as the producers of the FoodTabs, made money supplying them. Their company made money, as they didn’t have to do anything but service the distributors. Their distributors made money, many of them making incomes of 5 figures per month.
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    Weight Loss

    “Thousands Now Lose Weight that Never Could Before!”

    Most things in life are easy…when you know how to do them. Losing weight is too. One just needs to know what to do.
    We’ve stumbled onto that secret, and we want to share it with you. To lose weight, simply, do what those people do, who know how to lose weight, and know how to keep it off. Their secret is very simple. They don’t eat more than they need to. So, you should stop eating so much. We eat entirely too much food in order to maintain ourselves, and often the wrong types of food. We don’t need all that food that we eat to be healthy and live an energetic and healthy life. This is the crux of the matter. Read More...