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Original Food Tab Snack Attack Packs

Original Food Tab Snack Attack Packs
Product Code: Original Food Tab
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15 Snack Attack Packs, 3 packs each of the 5 individual flavors, (Vanilla, Chocolate, Malt, Butterscotch and Strawberry) The Original Food Tab Sampler is an excellent product to use to market the Food Tabs. You can offer prospective customers a shrink-wrapped Snack Attack Pack containing 14 Food Tabs of a single flavor. This is a 1 or 2 day supply of the Tabs, depending on the method of consumption. After trying the Snack Attack Pack, the prospective customer will really get a feel for how great the tabs are. You may then have found a new friend and distributor. (One caveat - the Original Food Tab Sampler is freshly packed at the Plant in MO. It will only retain its freshness for 1-2 months, unlike the Food Tabs packed in the regular 200 count bottles, which will hold there freshness for 1-2 years. So, plan to use the Snack Attack Packs as soon as possible. The Original Food Tab Sampler will last more than 2 months, and are still good, but will gradually begin to lose their crispness after that time period).

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