Get Paid Now for Losing Weight!


Get Paid

Many of you are familiar with the Ideal Snacks Company of years past. They distributed our FoodTabs under the name, “AllFoodTabs.” I’m sure you remember they had a very successful Compensation Plan. Everyone made money. We, as the producers of the FoodTabs, made money supplying them. Their company made money, as they didn’t have to do anything but service the distributors. Their distributors made money, many of them making incomes of 5 figures per month.

The key to their success was twofold, (1) they had a one-of-a-kind product, the FoodTabs, which was the perfect weight loss product, in that it worked fabulously, it was delicious and the formula was proprietary, i.e. no other company had it, no competition, (2) they had a very generous and simple Compensation Plan, which provided distributors an opened-ended potential to make as much money as they wanted.


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